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Question and Answer Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. WHO IS BANK OF COLORADO? Bank of Colorado is a community-focused bank, founded and owned by the Dinsdale family and Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc. We are known for strength and stability, our commitment to customer service, and our active involvement in the communities we serve.
  2. WHEN WILL AMFIRST BANK’S NAME CHANGE TO BANK OF COLORADO? The bank name will change to Bank of Colorado at the close of July 1, 2017.
  3. WHAT CHANGES WILL I SEE IN MY BANKING EXPERIENCE? Nothing will change about your current banking experience until July 1, 2017. Continue to do your banking as you have previously. You will use your checks, deposit and withdrawal slips, make loan payments, use your debit card and online banking until July 1, 2017.
  4. WILL MY ACCOUNT CHANGE ON JULY 1, 2017? Yes. We will transition your current accounts to Bank of Colorado products/accounts on July 1, 2017. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we will match you with a Bank of Colorado account that offers similar services and features as your current account type. You will receive a new Bank of Colorado account number, new checks and a new debit card. We will send you information on how to access your accounts online through Bank of Colorado’s website. You will receive your Bank of Colorado checks and debit card and online access information in June so you will be ready to start using the account July 2, 2017. Checks written before July 1, 2017 will be processed and posted to your new account for 30 days.
  5. WILL THERE BE ANY CHANGES TO ACH DIRECT DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWALS AND WIRE TRANSACTIONS? Yes. On July 1, 2017, you will need to contact companies paying and charging your account through ACH and wire transactions to have them start using the Bank of Colorado routing number and your new account number. We will continue to process ACH transactions on the old account for 60 days. We can also help get those ACH items converted by notifying the originator directly.
  6. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY AUTOMATIC DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS? On July 1, 2017, those transactions will no longer post to your old account. You must provide the new debit card number to vendors so the charges will post from your new account.
  7. WHAT IS BANK OF COLORADO’S BRANCH AND ATM NETWORK LIKE? Bank of Colorado has an extensive ATM network across seven states. There are also 44 branch locations in Colorado and New Mexico.
  8. WHEN WILL I BE ABLE ACCESS THE FULL BRANCH AND ATM NETWORK? On July 3, 2017, you will have access to all Bank of Colorado branches and convenient services including ATM, online and mobile banking plus mobile deposit. Download our free mobile app in App Store or Android Marketplace today.
  9. WILL AMFIRST BANK LOCATIONS REMAIN OPEN? Yes. Bank of Colorado is committed to providing the same quality service to our customers which includes keeping these locations open.
  10. WILL THE BANK’S STAFF CHANGE? AmFirst staff was a key component of the purchase. Local staff with local decision making is a powerful way to run a bank. Bank of Colorado has no plans to make staffing changes.
  11. WILL MY BRANCH’S HOURS CHANGE? No. We will be open the same hours as before becoming Bank of Colorado.
  12. WILL MY ONLINE AND TELEPHONE BANKING CHANGE? Yes, on July 3, 2017, you will access the Bank of Colorado online and telephone banking systems using your new Bank of Colorado account number.