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Extreme customer appreciation


Once a year, Greeley, CO holds a summer rodeo that puts other fairs to shame. The excitement of a pro rodeo, the smell of BBQ and popcorn and the sound of live music attract thousands of people from near and far.

We are so fortunate to have hundreds of valued customers all over Colorado, that we grab this opportunity by the horns. So every year, for the past several years, we help foster, build, and maintain relationships by being the primary sponsor of the pro rodeo. Each year we hold an appreciation dinner, and each year the number of attendees grows. This year, we had about 750 attendees.

Customers love getting together for food and fun, and also getting to know people in their community. They enjoy the chance to reconnect with friends, and welcome the opportunity to network with individuals they don’t typically run into. We embrace the importance of community and every year we look forward to sharing this time with our customers, employees, and their families.

While we would love to think that the primary reason our customers make an appearance is for our dinner, we know that the PRCA professional rodeo going on nearby will really get them out the door (and we love it too). Professional bull riders come from all over the country to try and hang on tight longer than their competitors. The cheers from the crowd keep them going until they can hold on no longer!

Find out why we look forward to this every year!