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Ways to Bank

Whether you prefer to use your phone, tablet or computer, we provide the tools to manage your finances when you want.  We have many ways for you to bank with us.  

Anytime Banking with Online Banking

Much like the people at your local bank branch, online banking is always here for you. About the only difference are the hours. With PinnBank, you have banking anywhere, anytime. So whether you have a quick banking need in the middle of the night or you just don’t have the time to stop by a branch, PinnBank gives you another convenient option. Beyond convenience, online banking brings you added peace of mind and security. Easily check your account each and every day, and you’ll know right away if something is inaccurate or there’s a security concern.


  • Secure and convenient access to your account
  • Easily review transactions to confirm you made them
  • Free with any Pinnacle Bank account

Giving you the ability to:

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Review your balance, transactions and statements
  • View cancelled checks
  • Order checks

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