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90 Day Payment Deferral

To assist customers impacted by the COVI-19 pandemic, we are offering you 90 Day Payment Deferral on your consumer loan.

COVID-19 Payment Deferral Program

When we are presented with hard times, strength comes from community. Bank of Colorado is dedicated to supporting the community in this time of need. To help ease the  financial burden, we are offering customers who have a consumer loan (Mortgage, Auto, Personal, etc.) with us, a break from those payments for 90 days. Hopefully this will allow you to focus on more important issues at hand.

  • 90 Day Payment Deferral Program:

    • Who Qualifies?
      ANY current Bank of Colorado loan customer (Home, Auto, Personal loan, etc)
    • How do I participate?
      Download the Change In Terms (CIT) form from the link above.
      • Fill in your loan number, name and signature.
      • Fill in the month you want the deferred payment to begin; must begin no later than July of 2020
      • Sign and return the Joint Intent Form if applicable
      • NOTE: ALL borrowers/co-signers on the note must sign the CIT and Joint Intent Forms.

      That's it! If you have specific questions, please contact your local branch .
    • I received a letter at home, how do I get it back to Bank of Colorado?
      Return by mail:

    Bank of Colorado
    Attn: Loan Deferral
    605 4th Street
    Fort Lupton, CO 80621

    Return by email: relief@bankofcolorado.com or simply click the RETURN FORM button above.

    • When do I need to complete the form(s) by?
      July 1 2020.
    • How does the program affect my loan?
      Interest will continue to accrue during the three-month deferral period.  These changes will result in more interest due over the life of your loan and in some cases will require a balloon payment at the end of your loan.

    If you received your letter in the mail, please scan it and return it to us via email, simply click the link above.

    If you have questions about your commercial or ag loan, please direct those questions to your local branch .