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  • Where’s Everyone’s Car?


    We’ve all heard the story about the customer who bought a new car, drove it off the dealer’s lot, then came right back and tried to return it. It had depreciated thousands of dollars in the first mile alone! Well, times have changed. The car you’re

  • Take a Byte Out of CyberCrime


    We’ve all heard about computer viruses and hackers and online scams of just about every kind. To find out about the latest threat, we need to look no further than the news. There are common themes. A mega-corporation has its computer systems held

  • Navigating Newlywed Life Through A Financial Lens


    This last year has been challenging, and even more so if you’re a newlywed. Despite the obstacles, your finances don’t have to be one of them. Marriage is about having an open line of communication, even the overwhelming parts like finances. Here

  • Alternative Ways to Save for Retirement


    If you’re self-employed or work for a small business without a designated retirement plan, there are plenty of alternative ways to save for the future. We all know the importance of saving for retirement and developing a plan that benefits us down

  • Online Banking Versus Mobile Banking Apps


    Online banking and mobile banking apps have both revolutionized the way that we handle our finances, but what’s the difference between the two? The digital era has transformed banking a great deal, particularly how services are conducted. While it

  • Buying a Home in COVID-19: What to Consider


    Here are the factors that potential homebuyers should take into account in a COVID-19 landscape. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make. And as COVID-19 has altered the housing market and mortgage standards, it’s

  • How to Spot Fraudulent Emails


    Phishing, Spam, Scams. Whatever you call it, here’s how to spot it. Phishing is the term used to describe emails sent out by hackers. They try to trick people into giving away passwords and sensitive information. They could also contain viruses or

  • How to Use Person-to-Person Payments


    Mobile payment apps are revolutionizing the way we pay. With mobile person-to-person payments, you don’t have to meet up to exchange money or send a check. Just pick up your smartphone. What Is A Person-to-Person Payment? Most transactions happen

  • With ATM LIVE, Your Comfort and Convenience Come First


    ATM LIVE lets you do almost anything you can do in the bank, and all while keeping a distance from others. As a long-standing community bank that’s been serving Coloradans for generations, we believe our products and services should never be absent

  • All About eWallets: Your Guide to Using an Electronic Wallet


    What if we never had to deal with losing our wallets or purses again? What if a high-tech lock could keep our pocketbooks sealed tight? What if we didn’t have to replace our lost or stolen cards? What if we could complete all our purchases at the