Ready Reserve

A Ready Reserve Line of Credit provides line of credit advances to cover account overdrafts and help prevent you from becoming overdrawn.

  • Transfers are made in $100 increments to cover overdrafts in your personal checking account
  • Subject to credit underwriting based on a credit application and credit approval
  • $30 annual Ready Reserve fee
  • No additional per use fees
  • 18% A.P.R.

Apply Now

You may apply at any time for a Ready Reserve Line of Credit (LOC), which can be used to cover personal checking account overdrafts. There is a $30 annual Ready Reserve Fee. The Ready Reserve LOC provides minimum advances from the LOC of $100 to cover your checking account overdrafts. The Ready Reserve LOC Agreement contains specific terms and conditions that cover both the Bank and you as the Ready Reserve LOC borrower.

If you are approved for a Ready Reserve LOC, a credit limit and maximum LOC draw amounts are established in the Agreement, and require you to comply with Ready Reserve LOC agreement terms as to repayment. A Ready Reserve LOC is not suitable for all customers, and requires the account holder to undergo credit underwriting and qualify from a creditworthiness basis, including having acceptable credit history and repayment capacity. Minimum payments and interest rate are established by the Agreement. Either party may terminate the Ready Reserve LOC Agreement at any time. Not all customers may qualify. Advances on a Ready Reserve LOC for purposes other than covering checking account overdrafts are not permitted.