An overview of common loans that most banks offer:

Auto Loan

Used to buy a car. Getting pre-qualified before shopping can help you understand what you can afford. 

Cash Advances

Short-term loans used to cover unexpected expenses. The higher interest rates add up fast if you don’t pay them back quickly.

Home Equity Loans

Equity is what your house is worth minus what you owe on your home loan. You can borrow against this equity. 


Used to buy a home. The amount you put down and your credit score have a big impact on the interest rate that will affect your monthly payment. 

Personal Loans

Used for virtually any expense. Most lenders will require you to verify your income and provide proof that you have assets worth what you are borrowing.

Agricultural Loans

Helps farmers and ranchers cover operating costs, buy equipment, purchase land and market goods.

Small Business Loans

Helps small businesses and entrepreneurs. You will likely need to submit a formal business plan when applying for this type of loan.  

Tips for getting your bank loan approved:

Research your options: 

Research interest rates and banks online so you have a good understanding of what you can expect to pay. Choose a lender before applying for a loan. Applying for too many loans at once can damage your credit.

Ask questions:

The loan terms, fees, and your relationship with a bank should factor into the decision. Find out what documents you will need before you begin your application. 

Know your credit score:

Request a copy of your credit history and credit score several weeks before you apply. Review your credit history for accuracy and give yourself time to correct any errors.  

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