Bank of Colorado Opens New Branch in Cherry Creek

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June 2019, Denver, CO

Bank of Colorado is pleased to announce that it has opened a new branch in the Denver neighborhood of Cherry Creek. Located at 100 Garfield Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO, the Cherry Creek branch is the newest addition to Bank of Colorado’s 46 statewide community banks.

The new Cherry Creek branch is now fully operational and ready to serve customers in the area with any and all banking needs. As part of Bank of Colorado’s promise to always provide the latest conveniences in technology to their customers, the Cherry Creek branch is equipped with 2 ATM LIVE units.

ATM LIVE is an ATM where you can speak to a Live Teller at the push of a button. To serve customers’ needs beyond regular banking hours, these tellers are available before and after the bank opens and closes as well as Saturday. Monday-Friday 6am-8pm and Saturday 7am-3pm.

“ATM LIVE adds convenience to our customer, allowing them to do 99% of all their normal transactions with our Live Tellers, when it works for them, not just when we’re open.” Rogers commented. “ATM LIVE puts our best assets, our people and our promise of unmatched customer service front and center and we’re excited to share this innovative technology with the community.”

Serving as Senior Vice President and Senior Credit Officer at Bank of Colorado – Cherry Creek will be David Roahrig. A native of Colorado and graduate of the University of Denver, Roahrig is an active community leader with over 15 years of banking experience. “I am excited to begin work at a pragmatic, family-owned and operated bank,” says Roahrig, “I am humbled that Bank of Colorado would accept me as part of the team that will continue to build upon that reputation and legacy in Cherry Creek, the greater Denver area, and in Colorado Springs markets.”

Regional President, Jonathan Rogers adds, “David has a passion for business and relationship building that focuses on helping customers achieve their financial goals. He is an active leader in his community and will represent Bank of Colorado well.”

“David is a welcomed addition to the Denver market,” states Shawn Osthoff, President of Bank of Colorado, “we are excited to be opening a new branch to increase availability and convenience to our Denver customers.”

Cherry Creek is an exciting and growing community that Bank of Colorado is proud to serve. Please join us in welcoming David Roahrig to the Bank of Colorado and wishing him and his staff the best of luck.