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Our community is made up of all types of businesses, and we understand your needs. We’re ready to work hand-in-hand with local farmers, ranchers and the businesses that support them.

Operating Loans and Lines

Running an Ag business can be rewarding, but it’s not easy. So, it’s important to know that we’re in your corner and in your community. With our operating loans and lines of credit, you’ll find flexible lending choices to help with crops, livestock purchases, repairs, supplies and other operating expenses. We have the Ag banking know-how that will help you grow, as well as provide fast access to funds for the annual and seasonal expenses that come up.


    Our community roots go deep. Our founders were ranchers and farmers, and we’re still run by the same family today. Our loan specialists understand and appreciate what it takes to run a farm and a ranch. They will work with you on any size loan, make quick and local decisions and design a plan for success.

    Ready to talk with a commercial lender? Simply select your city and choose an experienced commercial lender located right in your backyard.

  • Features


    We’ll give you a quick turnaround on your loan application


    Personal and expert service is what we’re known for.


    Terms that work for you on both operating loans and lines of credit.


    Most of our people grew up farming and ranching.

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